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Google 검색 센터 블로그 소식

  • Search Central Live Jakarta 2023
    on 2023-06-07

    A few weeks back, we announced that Search Central Live is coming to a few locations in Asia Pacific throughout 2023. If you speak Indonesian fluently and are interested, Search Central Live Jakarta is happening on July 12, 2023!

  • BigQuery efficiency tips for Search Console bulk data exports
    on 2023-06-05

    In this post, we discuss tips to help you take advantage of the Search Console bulk data exports without incurring significant cost in BigQuery.

  • Understanding news topic authority
    on 2023-05-23

    To better surface relevant, expert, and knowledgeable content in Google Search and News, today we’re introducing a system called topic authority that helps determine which expert sources are helpful to someone’s newsy query in certain specialized topic areas, such as health, politics, or finance.

  • Search Central Live: Tokyo and future plans for APAC
    on 2023-05-16

    Search Central Live is back in Asia Pacific throughout 2023 and we can’t wait to meet you in person! We’re now ready to bring the events to more locations in the Asia Pacific region. Specifically, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan are on our list.

  • Introducing INP to Core Web Vitals
    on 2023-05-10

    In early 2020, Google’s Chrome Team introduced the Core Web Vitals to provide a suite of quality signals for web pages. The Google Chrome team announced an upcoming change in the metrics for the Core Web Vitals to better evaluate the quality of a webpage’s user experience. In this article, we’ll explore this change and what it means for Google Search and site owners.

  • How x-default can help you
    on 2023-05-08

    A few recent issues made us realize that the hreflang x-default value is potentially underused by sites that already use hreflang to help search users find the right version of their pages. We want to remind you that it can be a powerful tool and can do more than you (probably) think.

  • The role of page experience in creating helpful content
    on 2023-04-19

    Helpful content generally offers a good page experience. That’s why today, we’ve added a section on page experience to our guidance on creating helpful content and revised our help page about page experience.

  • Shipping and Returns information on Google Search web results
    on 2023-04-17

    Google Search now shows an expanded display of shipping and return information on Google Search text results for merchant sites. We’re also making it easier to monitor and fix the structured data required to enable this display using the Search Console Shopping reports and tools.

  • Simplifying video presentation on Google Search Results
    on 2023-04-13

    Videos can appear in several different places on Google, including the main search results page, and video search results. Today we’re making changes to one of the ways videos appear in search results. This will make it easier for users to understand what content to expect on a web page.

  • How we fought spam on Google Search in 2022
    on 2023-04-11

    Every day, we’re discovering, indexing, and serving billions of web pages, and a significant portion of pages we discover are spam. In 2022 we launched multiple updates to our systems to thwart these attacks and ensure a spam-free experience for all Search users. The 2022 webspam report is here. Read about SpamBrain, links, hacked spam, user safety and more.

  • Event recap: Search Central Virtual Unconference en español 2023
    on 2023-04-03

    When we launched the Search Central Virtual Unconference series, we got a lot of feedback to organize events in multiple languages. On February 17, 2023 we held the first Virtual Unconference en español after receiving a lot of requests for an event in Spanish.

  • Blending Search Console and internal data inside Looker Studio
    on 2023-03-22

    One advantage of analyzing your performance data outside Search Console is that it allows you to add more context to your reports, you can enrich the data with internal data you have about your site. In this post we discuss how to enrich your Search Console data using Looker Studio (formerly known as Data Studio).

  • Search Central Community in 2022
    on 2023-03-07

    The Search Central Community is an online forum where site owners can help each other troubleshoot issues around their site’s presence on Google Search, discuss various Search updates, and share tips on improving their site’s visibility on Search.

  • Updating Search Console users and permissions management
    on 2023-02-22

    This post discusses an update to Search Console’s user and permissions to incorporate functionality related to ownership and user management.

  • Bulk data export: a new and powerful way to access your Search Console data
    on 2023-02-21

    In this post, we discuss bulk data export, a new Search Console feature that allows you to export data to Google BigQuery on an ongoing basis. You can configure an export in Search Console to get a daily data dump into your BigQuery project.

  • Don’t use 403s or 404s for rate limiting
    on 2023-02-17

    Over the last few months we noticed an uptick in website owners and some content delivery networks (CDNs) attempting to use 404 and other 4xx client errors (but not 429) to attempt to reduce Googlebot’s crawl rate.

  • Google Search’s guidance about AI-generated content
    on 2023-02-08

    At Google, we’ve long believed in the power of AI to transform the ability to deliver helpful information. In this post, we’ll share more about how AI-generated content fits into our long-standing approach to show helpful content to people on Search.

  • Announcing the Search Central Live Brazil roadshow
    on 2023-02-06

    We’re very excited to announce that Search Central Live is coming to Brazil! Following our successful events last year, we’re continuing our mission to help you enhance your site’s performance in Google Search. We’re organizing three events in Brazil, starting with São Paulo on March 9, then Brasília on March 14, and finishing with Belo Horizonte on March 16.

  • New updates to the Search Console Video indexing report
    on 2023-02-01

    Last July we launched a new report in Search Console to help you understand the performance of your videos on Google and identify possible areas of improvement. Today, we are happy to share a few more updates to the report on Search Console to help you achieve those goals more effectively.

  • Register for the Search Central Virtual Unconference en español 2023
    on 2023-01-12

    ¡Hola! The Search Central Virtual Unconference en español 2023 is now open for participant registration. All sessions will be conducted in Spanish. If you speak Spanish and are interested, be sure to register before February 1! Come meet the community, exchange ideas, and have fun together.

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